Brave Talk is Officially Released!

Combining real-life storytelling, engaging illustrations, and rigorous academic sources, Brave Talk blends humor, creativity, and interactive learning to help everyday people develop better skills for navigating conflict in order to build stronger relationships and healthier communities.

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Understanding and Honoring Anger

It can feel disorienting and overwhelming to find ourselves in a moment of anger, especially when that anger is on a grand scale, like political unrest. Understanding anger is challenging, let alone experiencing the emotion in the first place.

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Why Domination Drives Conflict

For many years, I believed that power always equates with pride. I struggled with confidence, thinking I was supposed to be meek and apologetic, not powerful. I thought that holding strong opinions and speaking loudly with conviction were a dangerous game.

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11 Tips for Talking To Someone You Disagree With

Talking across disagreement is an unpredictable nightmare for a lot of people. Tensions escalate quickly, especially in times of uncertainty. I’ve compiled a list of 11 ways to improve your conversations with people who disagree with you on any given subject.

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Is It Okay to Question?

Asking questions, for some of us, might be scary. For those of us who have been rejected or punished for asking, it might seem like a threatening activity.

Whether or not we let ourselves ask questions is, in itself, a question.

Here is a mental picture that might be helpful as each of us thinks through our relationship with questions.

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