Community Guidelines

  1. Understand that anything you submit/post may be visible to anyone who uses this website or takes BraveTalk courses, past, present, and future. When we publicly cite or quote submissions, we will use first names and last initials.
  2. Courses are designed for adults. If children wish to take the class, they need to do so under adult supervision.
  3. Courses might make participants feel uncomfortable at times. A little discomfort is okay. While shame is not the intent of the class, participants may occasionally experience guilt or grief because of the challenging nature of this subject matter. Practice self-care. That said, outright attempts to shame or belittle are not permitted. 
  4. Disagreement is acceptable, as we are all grappling with the subject matter. However, if participants are being contentious or arguing for arguing’s sake, it may result in further investigation and/or action.
  5. Every participant will work to show each other respect, even if you think someone doesn’t deserve it.
  6. Name-calling, harassment, or character attacks of any kind are not permitted.
  7. Positive, prescriptive uses of hate speech, hate symbols, or hate group affiliations are not permitted (it is acceptable to reference the history and realities of hate, but it is not acceptable to celebrate hate).
  8. Any violation of the above guidelines may result in the participant being asked to discontinue the course. Instructors reserve the right to block participants at any time if they violate guidelines.